10 of the Great Heavyweight Boxers of all Time – A Graphical Representation

Win and Loss Record by Boxer Compared

George Foreman has more wins than any other boxer compared in this analysis, the other stand out is the unbeaten Rocky Marciano. Foreman also has the most KO’s followed by Joe Louis and Jack Dempsey. Lets face they were all amazing.

kos and win loss

Height, Reach and Weight of the Great Heavyweights

What is amazing about these statistics is the sheer range in size of these boxers – all considered to be heavyweights. 180cm to 196cm in height, 170cm to 213cm in reach, 85kg to 118kg in weight. It is fair to say that each them faced other great boxers of varying size and came out on top due to their ability and dedication.

reach weight and height

Era and Career Length of the Best Heavyweight Boxers

All of these boxers careers spanned more than a decade (excluding Rocky Marciano) with Jack Johnson being most impressive holding a career that spanned 31 years (50 years of age).

era and career length

Career Length and Total Professional fights as Professional Heavyweights

career and total fights